Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I really do live in the city, I think

I thought I lived in the city, but I was wrong.  Today I took a two minute drive and in that time frame nearly hit two deer, then had to stop for six geese crossing the road.  Now, it's not like I haven't had wildlife encounters in my area before.  A few years ago there were three black bear sightings within a few miles (!) of my house and a pack of coyotes (I would say wild coyotes but I don't think there are any other kind) in the greenbelt, supported by the deluge of missing cats and small dog signs that appeared at the same time.  I also had the biggest bird I have ever seen in my life that was not in a zoo, fly over my car (blocking the entire window first) then land next to a car, and its' shoulders were level with the top of the bumper. But seriously, I am not Dr. Doolittle, and I would appreciate it if the wildlife stay in the wild so I can concentrate on watching for texting drivers and drunks.