Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm just never gonna make it onto Pinterest...

I have reached the tired, forgetful stage of parenting.  4/5 of my children are adults (19, 21, 23, and 25) which leads to my almost 17 year old reminding me of family traditions I need to continue until she is an adult too.  Like the Easter bunny / basket /egg hunt.  So a few weeks ago, I was in the Christmas Tree Shops and saw Lindt Easter Rabbits in a huge display, at a cost of $2.19 each.  I was like, "Crap - I need to get the kids Easter stuff".  Then suddenly, off to the bottom right I saw a clearance bin.  Full of chocolate rabbits.  For only $0.49!!!  Forty nine cents versus two dollars and nineteen cents = no contest.  In the back of my mind I thought - "Those must be last years' rabbits...well, who cares?  It's chocolate!"  So I load up.

My kids throughout this Easter day remind me that is it Easter (in case I forgot while getting ready to go to church, having help run the 2000 egg, almost 200 kid Easter Egg Hunt the previous day, and preparing for my Sharing Time, Ward Choir song, and Primary Sacrament song).  They reminded me that I had given away all of the plastic eggs so we can't hunt them anymore.  They reminded me that I gave away all the Easter baskets to the Primary.  They reminded me that they want chocolate.  I firmly tell them the day isn't over so wait until after church.

Part of my long day ends, and I rush home to finish preparing the Easter dinner, get my fabulous chocolate find ready and prepare to give it to them so I can leave and go to a baptism today.  I make a little production of how grateful they should be that I did remember and not just last night but weeks ago, and I got them chocolate bunnies!  I hand them them out, and then I hear, "LOOK!  THE EASTER REINDEER CAME!!!" as cell phones come out, pictures begin to be taken and my entire family is laughing hysterically.  I look closer.

These are not bunnies.  These are leftover Christmas candy.  This is not a fabulous last years' chocolate leftovers find...this is three month old Christmas leftovers.  AND I have left the price tag on.  Lovely.  I have now been immortalized by my adult children on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  And that is why I am just NOT gonna ever make it onto Pinterest.